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Research and Publications


Stephen has over a decade's experience applying qualitative and quantitative research to sustainability challenges. He has published on a range of topics including food, food waste, energy and buildings, transport, climate adaptation, sharing, design for sustainability and futures.

Design for behavioural change



  • Clune, S., Crossin, E., Verghese, K., (2017). Analysis of greenhouse gas emissions for different fresh food categories: a review. Journal of Cleaner Production 140(2), 766–783. doi: 10.1016/j.jclepro.2016.04.082. Link

  • Clune, S., A. Friday and R. Whitham (2016). Food Design for Sustainability conversation cards. Lancaster, Imagination Lancaster. Download

  • Clune, S., Verghese, K. (2016) How to reduce your kitchen’s impact on global warming,

  • Wikström, F., H. Williams, K. Verghese and S. Clune (2014). The influence of packaging attributes on consumer behaviour in food-packaging LCA studies - a neglected topic. Journal of Cleaner Production 73: 100–108

  • Verghese, K., S. Lockrey, S. Clune and D. Sivaraman (2012). life cycle assessment of food and beverage packaging. Innovative and sustainable food and beverage packaging. K. L. Yam. Cambridge, Woodhead.

  • Verghese, K., S. Clune, S. Lockrey, H. Lewis and P. Crittenden (2012). Australian Food and Grocery Council, Future of packaging white paper. Melbourne, AFGC. Download

  • Verghese, K., Crossin, E., Clune, S., Lockrey, S., Williams, H., RIo, M., Wikstrom, F., 2014. The greenhouse gas profile of a “Hungry Planet”; quantifying the impacts of the weekly food purchases including associated packaging and food waste for three families, 19th IAPRI World Conference on Packaging, Victoria University, Melbourne Download


Buildings and energy

  • Clune, S., J. Morrissey and T. Moore (2012). Size matters: House size and thermal efficiency as policy strategies to reduce net emissions of new developments. Energy Policy 48 (0): 657-667.

  • T. Moore, J. Morrissey and S. Clune, S (2014) Want to cut your costs of living? Start with a smaller home

  • Link

  • Moore, T., S. Clune and J. Morrissey (2013). The Importance of House Size in the Pursuit of Low Carbon Housing. State of Australian Cities. Sydney. Download

  • Clune, S. and S. Lockrey 2014  Double Diamond for Sustainable Strategy: Participatory LCA and Design Thinking Journal of Cleaner Production

  • Wong, J. P. C., S. Clune and D. Sivaraman (2011). Exemplar Relocatable Building Project. U. Iyer-Raniga. Melbourne, prepared for Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) by Centre for Design: 74.

  • Clune, S. and A. Carre (2010). Identification of Sustainability Improvement Opportunities for Uniting Aged Care Victoria and Tasmania. Melbourne, Centre for Design, RMIT University: 59.

  • Clune, S. and S. Lockrey (2011). Double Diamond for Sustainable Strategy: Participatory LCA and Design Thinking. 2011, from Link


Sharing, the collaborative consumption movement  

Climate adaptation and mitigation

  • Clune, S., R. Roggema, R. Horne, S. Hunter, R. Jones, J. Martin and J. Werner (2014). Design-led decision support for regional climate adaptation Melbourne, VCCCAR: 126. Download

  • Clune, S. (2014). Policy Brief: Sustainability appraisals of design-led responses to climate adaptation. Melbourne, Victorian Centre for Climate Change Adaptation Research. Download



  • Clune, S. (2011). Environmental Impacts of Dispersed Workplaces - “Work Where I live”. E. Crossin. Melbourne, Centre for Design for Department of Treasury and Finance

  • Clune, S. and D. Lockton (2017). Design for behavioural change and sustainability. Design for Behaviour Change: Theories and practices of designing for change. K. Niedderer, S. Clune and G. Ludden, Routledge. Link


Sustainable design and Strategic futures

  • Clune, S. (2017). Futuring and ontological designing. Design for Behaviour Change: Theories and practices of designing for change. K. Niedderer, S. Clune and G. Ludden, Routledge. Link

  • Clune, S. (2009). Developing Sustainable Literacy in Industrial Design Education. School of Engineering. Sydney, University of Western Sydney. Doctor of Philosophy: 350. Download

  • Clune, S., T. Andrews and A. Lopes (2012). Ontological Design and the role of design and designers in steering social change. Beyond Behaviour Change Symposium. 12-14 November 2012 Melbourne, RMIT University

  • Clune, S. (2010). Inverting the Solution into the Problem: Design, Practice theory and Behavioural Change for Sustainability. Young Creators for Better City and Better Life. Shanghai, College of Design and Innovation Tongji University Link

  • Clune, S. and M. Ramirez (2010). Sustainability considerations in the Australian International Design Awards. Sustainability in Design: NOW! Challenges and Opportunities for Design Research, Education and Practice in the XXI Century., Bangalore, Greenleaf Publishing, Sheffield. Download

  • Clune, S. (2008). How you Define is How you Design; Problematic Definitions of Sustainability in Education. Changing the Change. Torino, Umberto Allemandi & Co. Link

  • Lopes, A. M., S. Clune and T. Andrews (2007). Future Scenario Planning as a tool for sustainable design education and innovation. Connected 2007 International Conference on Design Education, University of New South Wales., University of New South Wales Design and the Environment (2010). Link

  • Clune, S. (2014). Design for Sustainability and the Design Studio. Fusion Journal 003 the studio.

  • Clune, S. (2012). Towards Paperless Schooling. EINGANA - Journal of the Victorian Association for Environmental Education 35(2): 15-19.

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